Monday, 24 June 2013

Rhona silver’s Huntington townhouse has cast a spell

Ms. Rhona Silver is one of those people whose names have always been counted with the stars in the catering industry. She has set examples through her great achievements in the field, while making for the most splendid party occasions in the industry.

Her Huntington Townhouse is one of such achievements that she made in the industry. Not only has this gorgeous palatial townhouse been the talk of the industry since times immemorial due to the parties it hosted, but also for the sort of heritage it has left behind!

The food, the drinks, the music, and the décor of this venue shall remain fresh in the minds of people forever. The glory and panache of the place can well be determined with the sort of reviews it has got from people all over the country. It was a venue that hosted parties for top politicians, celebrities and common people of the vicinity, instilling in their minds a beautiful image of the building  that still remains.

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