Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse Grandest catering facility in New York!

Huntington Townhouse was the biggest and huge catering hall in the city of New York, United States of America which is now nowhere else found in the city.

The popularity that Huntington Townhouse got was worthwhile. The fact behind it was the beauty of Huntington. It had never ending land of 18 acres, comprised of five ballrooms, nine kitchens, open shelf bars beautiful chandeliers and charismatic arena etc.

Besides this, the significant reason behind its popularity was also due to various biggest celebrities like governors, presidents, head of states, and other big personalities of the country that celebrated their auspicious days in it.

Though this masterpiece came to an end in 2011 when it got diminished but people of New York and around the city still remember it and haven’t witness any other catering hall as big and as beautiful as Huntington Townhouse.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse-Sweet memoirs of the place!

 For every single occasion; whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, prom night, baby shower, and business party, choosing the type of venue is really important in order to have a splendid party ambiance and to also make guests feel like they are not less than celebrities. This makes the prominence for selecting a classy and stylish expanse important. However, only a few palaces in the New York City can create such significance.

A fine example of such venue that completely goes out with all these facets is Huntington Townhouse who was owned by Ms. Rhona Silver, the best catering deity of America. This palatial hall was expanded over 18 acres of land which hosted various galas for rich to famous personalities, as well as for commoners.

The beautiful ambience and the delicacies which were served in this palatial hall were outstanding. This is why people of America mostly loved to celebrate their auspicious days in this magnificent hall.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Rhona SilverHuntington Townhouse- All walks of people enjoyed celebrating their events in it!

Huntington Townhouse was considered the most beautiful venue for celebrations. The day it opened, it became the hot spots amongst all the party venues in the city. There were no barriers of class in this hall; from luxurious class to ordinary people all enjoyed celebrating their auspicious day in it.
The credit for its popularity goes out to Huntington’s magnificent beauty, gorgeous interiors, hospitality, ambience and food that Rhona Silver and her team delivered to the guests. This place was traversed over 18 acres of land and was splendid with five ballrooms, nine kitchens and open shelf bars.
However, this hall can be no longer seen in the city of New York because Rhona Silver decided it to sell to Lowes. But yes, in the memories of people it would still be remembered as a fine example of a beautiful venue.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Rhona Silver- Golden name in the catering industry!

Many catering industries and caterers simply take up the work of organizing parties just for the heck of earning money. They do not bother how important is the day for their client. Only a handful number of caterers come up to what they have promised, and hence only they can be trusted upon.

A fine example of one such caterer who always stands by on her words is Ms. Rhona Silver. She has been in this industry since very long time and had got indulged in this field at a very small age, when children of her age were busy playing and making sand houses. She completely understands her client’s needs and requirements from her catering service. And being the best in this field, Rhona easily fulfills all the expectations of her clients.

Flipping through the pages of women centric, we come to know more about Rhona Silver, a self-made entrepreneur who achieved the heights of success only by her sheer efforts.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ms. Rhona Silver- Lady who began her own catering endeavor!

Catering tricks were served to Ms. Rhona Silver on a platter because of her parental catering business. Although, their business was not so popular but the catering tricks and techniques that they taught to their daughter helped her out to be a successful catering deity of America.

Talking about individuality, Rhona herself was also a passionate woman who not just took over her parental catering business but made it a point to take on great height. This is why till today Rhona Silver is riding high on the success path. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur of company Caterbid which has created benchmarks in the catering industry, as well as in the country.

The way she organizes the event with excellent food presentation and delivers best services in the party is incomparable to any of the other caterers around the city.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Huntington Townhouse-Speak elegance, quality and royalty!

Huntington Townhouse, the name that reflects legacy of authentic food and artful decor. With its opening a lot of buzz was created amongst people in the vicinity and within no time it was on the crest of a wave in the America. Guests coming in this palatial hall witnessed incredible variety of food with utmost excellent catering service.
Right from celebrities, sports persons, politicians, governors and up till commoners, all used to show cast their occasions in this hall. Looking at its popularity, it became the hottest spot for people to celebrate their special days of their life.
Huntington Townhouse was truly a royal symbol of the city. The soothing and comfortable ambience, personalized attention and well trained staff in this hall assured people that they would get a truly memorable experience. No other party hall in the vicinity was equipped in all these things, which Huntington Townhouse provided.