Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ms. Rhona Silver- Lady who began her own catering endeavor!

Catering tricks were served to Ms. Rhona Silver on a platter because of her parental catering business. Although, their business was not so popular but the catering tricks and techniques that they taught to their daughter helped her out to be a successful catering deity of America.

Talking about individuality, Rhona herself was also a passionate woman who not just took over her parental catering business but made it a point to take on great height. This is why till today Rhona Silver is riding high on the success path. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur of company Caterbid which has created benchmarks in the catering industry, as well as in the country.

The way she organizes the event with excellent food presentation and delivers best services in the party is incomparable to any of the other caterers around the city.

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