Sunday, 31 March 2013

Rhona Silvers’ Huntington Townhouse was her dream that came true

Among the number of things that make Rhona Silvers’ catering palatial, Huntington Townhouse a magnificent place for various kinds of celebrations and event organizations is the wonderful service and careful attention given to the specific needs of the clients. As a leading catering agent and owner of this catering palace, Ms. Silver always showed uniqueness and style in her work. The idea that works behind her outstanding catering services is that, "People eat with their eyes first. If you have a restaurant that is appealing, contemporary, and relevant both from the street and interior, the food tastes better."

Although, the largest catering hall, Huntington Townhouse, of America has lost its existence now, but still its freshness can be felt from the sweet remembrances that the place is left behind. Rhona’s epitome of success, HT was the real example of wonderful artwork. The unique artwork of this party place can be seen from its perfectly decorated interiors, scenic views, beautiful façade with roman pillars, colossal halls that could house more than 3000 guests at a single time. That is why she often says about huge ballrooms, "You could drive up the back ramp right into the ballroom: trucks or boats".

Spanned over an area of 150,000 sq. ft., the Huntington Townhouse became the landmark in the world of catering. It had nine culinary rooms that were equipped with state-of-art amenities from where Silver’s skilled team dishes out delicious food.

She often shares some words about her dream catering castle, “Every party conceivable took place there.” It’s actually true too. The largest catering palatial of the USA, HT has witnessed numerous events including wedding and engagement parties, trade shows, bar mitzvahs, and other corporate events.

Rhona together with her highly experienced and skilful team members added some unique touch to each and every event hosted at this royal venue. Due to the timely and high quality service, Rhona’s’ Huntington Townhouse became the perfect party place for the rich and famous along with the common people. The huge clientele of Rhona’s dream castle include Governess, Presidents, Head of States, Steve Levy, Hillary Clinton, sports starts as well other dignitaries in the corporate world.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Huntington Townhouse – A paradigm of grandeur and royalty

There are some places that people so closely associate themselves with that it becomes impossible to wash off the memories of such places. Huntington Townhouse is one such place offered by history, which is still remembered by folks even after years of it has been demolished.

Took over by Rhona Silver in the year 1996, the ruler of catering industry, this enormously huge and beautiful catering facility was spanned over a vast area of 18 acres of land. Before it was broken down in the year 2011, this great venue used to be the talk of the town. Although popular for hosting galas for celebrities and politicians, the place was equally loved by common people.

The period, Huntington Townhouse experienced under the reign of Rhona Silver was the one that offered biggest improvement in this piece of art. Although, Huntington Townhouse has now become a history, it will always linger in people's memories.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Not many places leave the visitors spellbound with their mesmerising beauty

Venues are always the most important part of celebrations. A perfect celebration cannot be complete without an astounding venue.

However, only a handful of places have left their mark in the history books because of their mesmerising beauty.

Of all such places, people still remember Rhona Silver’s Huntington Townhouse for its magnificent décor and lavishness. The place spanned across 1, 50, 000 square feet, making it the biggest catering hall that the country had ever seen.

Within a short time of its inception, the place became home to some of the most glorious celebrations of all time hosting parties for some of the most powerful and famous people in the country.

Each aspect of the building was exemplary in its style and embellishment. Though, the place was demolished in 2007, the memories of this luxuries palace are still fresh in people’s mind.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hard Work Always Pays Off!

Rhona Silver is truly a catering diva of the 21st century, who needs hardly any introduction. Though being a single mother she has strived hard towards her goal and became a strong icon of the catering industry.

She not only proved herself in the patriarchal society, but also taught many women on how to conquer success, if they aspire for their dreams.

I like being a strong, independent woman and to be honest, I am never afraid to be on my own.”-This is what on, which Rhona Silver stood by in her career. Though being a small young girl of a small American town, she faced so many obstacles during her catering career. But with her never to say die attitude helped in achieving her goals.
Though she started her catering career from her family catering business, but later on she took it to great heights by purchasing the biggest catering hall of United States of America-Huntington Townhouse that is across 150,000 square feet.
However, no one would even have thought that a small town girl would one day buy the biggest catering hall in New York. Although to own it, she had to face many problems, but with her sheer determination she was successfully able to conquer it.

Moreover, she always strives hard to make her client’s event a successful hit. To do so she herself made an effort to sit with her clients and discuss their likes and dislikes, which helped her in making the best arrangements for their events.

Later after the success of Huntington Townhouse, Rhona Silver passion for the catering and her futuristic thinking, dint stopped there and then. Rather she came up with an innovative concept of online catering company called, which revolutionized the way events were booked.
Besides doing well in her career, she never limited her knowledge to herself. Rather she participated on several media platforms like MSNBC, W-ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS and MSNBC, which help in giving expert advices to many of the catering businesses.
As a recipient of many important awards, Rhona Silver is awarded with Ellis Island Medal of Honor, listed on Crain's Top 40 Women and is amongst Top 100 New Yorkers of the year.