Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rhona’s Huntington Townhouse- Place renowned for contemporary catering and warm hospitality

Rhona’s Huntington Townhouse, the largest catering hall in the United States of America, that gave her a recognition as a “Queen of catering” on worldwide catering platform. Rhona Huntington Townhouse is a real example of an outstanding artwork that was the “go-to-palace” of its time in the U.S.

Roman pillars, wide entry gates, crystal chandelier that lightened three trips of spectacular spiral staircase, Crystal Regency, Madison Victorian and Pent-house names ballrooms, wide  culinary rooms, colossal hall that could cater more than three thousand guests at a time. Rhona stated about huge catering castle,” ”Every party conceivable took place there.”

The beauty and hospitality offered by Rhona together with het team of state-of-art amenities attracted many renowned personalities of America including Billy Joel, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Laura Bush, Ariel Sharon, Donald Trump, sport starts and other dignitaries from the corporate world.

Although, Rhona silvers’ Huntington Townhouse has been diminished now, but it would always be remembered as a one stop destination for several types of events.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Huntington Townhouse-An Epitome of Rhona’s success!

Huntington Townhouse bought by great entrepreneur Rhona silver in the year of 1996, was truly a spectacular catering hall of United States and a turning point in Rhona Silver catering career. From the time it was bought by Rhona Silver till the time it got demolished in the year of 2011, this venue was people’s favorite place to celebrate their occasions like anniversary, corporate event, birthday party, wedding and so on.

The reason behind such popularity was the high quality service being provided by the Rhona Silver and her team of experts. This palace organized events for the rich, famous, as well as for the common people. To name few of its clientele were presidents, governess, Head of States, Steve Levy and Hillary Clinton.

This lavishing look palace was spread over 150,000 square feet property on 18 acres of land, which comprised of welcoming façade with roman pillars, lush green lawns, decorated interiors, beautiful chandeliers, five ballrooms and nine kitchens.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Huntington Townhouse- Rhona Silvers’ signature place

Though it has been approximately six years now, Rhona’s epitome of success the Huntington Townhouse became just a memory in the minds of people as it was demolished in the year 2007.

Those huge ballrooms named- Madison Victorian, Penthouse, Crystal Regency, about which Rhona often said, "You could drive up the back ramp right into the ballroom: trucks or boats”, colossal halls, green lawns, roman pillars, wide cooking rooms equipped with state-of-art amenities will never be forgotten.

Renowned as a queen of catering, Rhona purchased the townhouse for $7.6 million in the year 1997 and operated the largest catering palatial in the United States. During her ownership, Rhona Silver’s HT was the “go-to-place” for engagements parties, trade shows, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and corporate events. Rhona often said, “Every party conceivable took place there.”

Lavish looking place, the Huntington Townhouse was spread over an area of 150,000 sq.ft., that was spanned over 18 acres of land could house over 3000 guests at the same time.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

“Every party conceivable took place at Huntington Townhouse”-Rhona Silver

Although, the epitome of Rhona’s success, the Huntington Townhouse has been demolished in the year 2007, but its lush roman pillars, green lawns, three ballrooms named- Madison Victorian, Penthouse, Crystal Regency, colossal halls, and seven culinary rooms, it is still considered the most beautiful catering palatial ever.

About its huge ballrooms Rhona often said, "You could drive up the back ramp right into the ballroom: trucks or boats.” Property of 150,000 sq. feet, that was spanned over 18 acres of land could house more than three thousand guests at the same time.

Rhona together with state-of-art amenities added unique touch to each and every party organized at this royal castle and make this palatial a real example of hospitality and delicious food with outstanding presentation. That is why Rhona Silver’s HT became the perfect party venue for the rich and famous and common people of the America.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Huntington Townhouse – Perfect combination of style and elegance

Huntington Townhouse was one of the biggest catering venues of the United States of America. It was located in long Island, New York. It was initially built as a small restaurant in the year 1937 and soon turned into the biggest catering facility of the country.

It was taken over by Rhona Silver, a prominent caterer of the USA in the year 1997, when she bought it. The hall was popular for its amazing ambience, impeccable beauty and great food. That was the reason; the hall witnessed some of the most hi-profile events for presidents, governors, renowned celebrities and heads of states.

The hall occupied 18 acres of land. It had welcoming facade with lush green lawns, roman pillars and five ballrooms. It has seating capacity of more than 3000 people along with nine kitchen-rooms, equipped with modern food appliances and equipment. In the year 2011, it was broken down. However, the hall still continues to be in news, for its unmatched beauty.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Huntington Townhouse – The perfect example of beauty and perfection

Huntington townhouse was a giant catering facility situated in the Long Island, New York. It was purchased by the great women entrepreneur and the leading caterer of the United States, Ms. Rhona Silver in the year 1997. The facility gained quite the media coverage and popularity for its beautiful interiors and exteriors.

The hall was built over an enormous area of 150,000 square free spread over 18 acres of land. The facility was often cited as a 'wedding mill' for hosting several weddings, mitzvahs, proms, parties and countless other events simultaneously. Although, people across the country used to have their weddings and events celebrated under its roof, the place had a particular significance among celebrities.

However, as the destiny had it, this beautiful piece of history was broken down in the year 2011. Even though it has been years since its demolition, it is still considered the most beautiful catering facility ever.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse-spectacular catering hall!

Huntington Townhouse bought in the year of 1996 by Ms. Rhona Silver was one of the biggest palatial venues of United States of America. It was comprised of welcoming façade with roman pillars, lush green lawns, five ballrooms that incorporated seating arrangement for more than three thousand people and nine kitchens that were equipped with latest food-processing appliances and equipment.

Spread over 150,000 square feet property on 18 acres of land and bought for $7.6 million was a magnificent venue that incorporated hundreds of celebrations, parties, wedding receptions, corporate events and occasional ceremonies for common people, as well as for famous States Celebrities.

Right from attractive interiors, eye-pleasing decorations, beautiful chandeliers, catering service and all other aspects of organizing an event in Huntington Townhouse was jointly supervised by Ms. Rhona Silver and her team of experts.

Thus the way her team and she herself look after their client’s events is something people still are not able to find in other catering organizers of U.S.A.

Hence, this is the reason why till today people cherish their memories spend in Huntington Townhouse.