Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rhona’s Huntington Townhouse- Place renowned for contemporary catering and warm hospitality

Rhona’s Huntington Townhouse, the largest catering hall in the United States of America, that gave her a recognition as a “Queen of catering” on worldwide catering platform. Rhona Huntington Townhouse is a real example of an outstanding artwork that was the “go-to-palace” of its time in the U.S.

Roman pillars, wide entry gates, crystal chandelier that lightened three trips of spectacular spiral staircase, Crystal Regency, Madison Victorian and Pent-house names ballrooms, wide  culinary rooms, colossal hall that could cater more than three thousand guests at a time. Rhona stated about huge catering castle,” ”Every party conceivable took place there.”

The beauty and hospitality offered by Rhona together with het team of state-of-art amenities attracted many renowned personalities of America including Billy Joel, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Laura Bush, Ariel Sharon, Donald Trump, sport starts and other dignitaries from the corporate world.

Although, Rhona silvers’ Huntington Townhouse has been diminished now, but it would always be remembered as a one stop destination for several types of events.

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