Thursday, 18 April 2013

“Every party conceivable took place at Huntington Townhouse”-Rhona Silver

Although, the epitome of Rhona’s success, the Huntington Townhouse has been demolished in the year 2007, but its lush roman pillars, green lawns, three ballrooms named- Madison Victorian, Penthouse, Crystal Regency, colossal halls, and seven culinary rooms, it is still considered the most beautiful catering palatial ever.

About its huge ballrooms Rhona often said, "You could drive up the back ramp right into the ballroom: trucks or boats.” Property of 150,000 sq. feet, that was spanned over 18 acres of land could house more than three thousand guests at the same time.

Rhona together with state-of-art amenities added unique touch to each and every party organized at this royal castle and make this palatial a real example of hospitality and delicious food with outstanding presentation. That is why Rhona Silver’s HT became the perfect party venue for the rich and famous and common people of the America.

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