Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Huntington Townhouse-An Epitome of Rhona’s success!

Huntington Townhouse bought by great entrepreneur Rhona silver in the year of 1996, was truly a spectacular catering hall of United States and a turning point in Rhona Silver catering career. From the time it was bought by Rhona Silver till the time it got demolished in the year of 2011, this venue was people’s favorite place to celebrate their occasions like anniversary, corporate event, birthday party, wedding and so on.

The reason behind such popularity was the high quality service being provided by the Rhona Silver and her team of experts. This palace organized events for the rich, famous, as well as for the common people. To name few of its clientele were presidents, governess, Head of States, Steve Levy and Hillary Clinton.

This lavishing look palace was spread over 150,000 square feet property on 18 acres of land, which comprised of welcoming façade with roman pillars, lush green lawns, decorated interiors, beautiful chandeliers, five ballrooms and nine kitchens.

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