Friday, 12 April 2013

Huntington Townhouse – The perfect example of beauty and perfection

Huntington townhouse was a giant catering facility situated in the Long Island, New York. It was purchased by the great women entrepreneur and the leading caterer of the United States, Ms. Rhona Silver in the year 1997. The facility gained quite the media coverage and popularity for its beautiful interiors and exteriors.

The hall was built over an enormous area of 150,000 square free spread over 18 acres of land. The facility was often cited as a 'wedding mill' for hosting several weddings, mitzvahs, proms, parties and countless other events simultaneously. Although, people across the country used to have their weddings and events celebrated under its roof, the place had a particular significance among celebrities.

However, as the destiny had it, this beautiful piece of history was broken down in the year 2011. Even though it has been years since its demolition, it is still considered the most beautiful catering facility ever.

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