Friday, 29 March 2013

Huntington Townhouse – A paradigm of grandeur and royalty

There are some places that people so closely associate themselves with that it becomes impossible to wash off the memories of such places. Huntington Townhouse is one such place offered by history, which is still remembered by folks even after years of it has been demolished.

Took over by Rhona Silver in the year 1996, the ruler of catering industry, this enormously huge and beautiful catering facility was spanned over a vast area of 18 acres of land. Before it was broken down in the year 2011, this great venue used to be the talk of the town. Although popular for hosting galas for celebrities and politicians, the place was equally loved by common people.

The period, Huntington Townhouse experienced under the reign of Rhona Silver was the one that offered biggest improvement in this piece of art. Although, Huntington Townhouse has now become a history, it will always linger in people's memories.

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