Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Rhona SilverHuntington Townhouse- All walks of people enjoyed celebrating their events in it!

Huntington Townhouse was considered the most beautiful venue for celebrations. The day it opened, it became the hot spots amongst all the party venues in the city. There were no barriers of class in this hall; from luxurious class to ordinary people all enjoyed celebrating their auspicious day in it.
The credit for its popularity goes out to Huntington’s magnificent beauty, gorgeous interiors, hospitality, ambience and food that Rhona Silver and her team delivered to the guests. This place was traversed over 18 acres of land and was splendid with five ballrooms, nine kitchens and open shelf bars.
However, this hall can be no longer seen in the city of New York because Rhona Silver decided it to sell to Lowes. But yes, in the memories of people it would still be remembered as a fine example of a beautiful venue.

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