Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Huntington Townhouse-A Perfect blend of beauty and celebration!

Huntington Townhouse was the biggest palatial hall of America that hosted gala parties for many people. Be it rich, famous, dignitaries or commoners; everyone’s first choice was Huntington for their celebrations.

The perfect example of a guest who booked Huntington for his wedding event was Joanne Toussaint. In words of Joanne Toussaint, “If it weren't for their orchestration of a lot of things, I don't know if our wedding would have been so spectacular”.

Huntington was a perfect blend of beauty, as well as celebration. Spread over 18 acres of land, it had amazing ambience that encompassed magnificent artwork, beautiful chandeliers and unsurpassed artwork. Besides that it comprised of roman pillars at the fa├žade, five ballrooms named as Crystal Regency, Madison Victorian and Pent-house, open shelf bars and nine kitchens. The best part of this hall was that it could incorporate 3000 guests at a time which was not manageable by any other catering halls in America.

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