Sunday, 16 June 2013

Huntington Townhouse-Most talked party venue of America!

Huntington Townhouse was the biggest emblem of Rhona Silver’s success which she bought in the year of 1997 for $7.6 million. This palatial hall was traversed over 150,000 square feet land that included remarkable interiors, beautiful scenic views, lush green lawns, towering gates, roman pillars, three ballrooms, open bars and nine kitchens.

This place soon became the talk of the town and people’s first choice to celebrate their auspicious days, was always Huntington. This is why, be it Political Powerhouses, Heads of States, Hollywood Celebrities, Sports Personalities or commoners; people from all walks of life were witnessed in this hall.

The best part of Huntington was that it could incorporate 3000 guests at a time that was difficult to manage for most of the party spots in the country. Although, fame of Huntington was not just because of its beauty, but also due to Rhona and her eminent staff that provided remarkable catering services.

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