Sunday, 2 June 2013

Huntington Townhouse-Iconic catering hall of America!

Huntington Townhouse has been the talk of the town, New York City for many years. It has offered beautiful memories to people of in and around America that they would cherish whole lifetime. World famous celebrities, presidents, governors, head of states and commoners, prime choice was always Huntington to host their galas, wedding ceremony, proms, anniversary, birthday etc.

Huntington unmatched glory and beauty had awe-stuck people. This lavishing hall was traversed over 150,000 square feet land that comprised of lush green lawns, elegant interiors, mesmerizing beauty, roman pillars at the facade, five ballrooms and nine kitchens.
The hall had special significance of hosting parties for more than 3000 guests at a time, which was next to impossible for other catering halls in America.

However, this grandeur hall has been demolished in 2011, but it has left heartwarming remembrance for people who had hosted their events in Huntington.

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