Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Huntington Townhouse-'Old is gold'!

Time vanishes, but memories still remains alive for years and years. This fact goes for people who had organized their events in Huntington Townhouse, giant hall of America that was traversed over 18 acres of land.

Be it governors, head of states, presidents and some other big names across the country; everyone's prime choice was Huntington to celebrate their galas and celebrations.

This hall was bought by Rhona Silver in the year 1996 for worth of $ 7.6 million. At that time, it was a roadside restaurant but Rhona had turned it to a catering hall; in fact the most happening party place of America. The magnificent beauty of this hall had awe-stuck people, which were next to impossible to find in any other catering hall of New York.

However, now it is nowhere in America as this masterpiece was first sold to Lowe’s and later was demolished in the year 2011.

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