Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Huntington Townhouse-Still alive in people’s memories!

Huntington Townhouse originated as a roadside restaurant, but later on became the most loved and happening place for the people of America to celebrate their auspicious days.
Thousands of events like wedding, birthday party, baby shower, corporate event etc., were held in this colossal hall. Many hi-profile people like Governors, Hillary Clinton, Steve Levy, Donald Trump, Ariel Sharon, Head of States etc. were witnessed who used to throw their lavish parties in it. However, not only dignitaries were a part of it but commoners too organized their events in Huntington.
Rhona and her team of experts made it a point to customize each event that fits according to the client’s need. The exclusive hospitality they gave to people is truly hard to forget.
As this palatial hall is no more up in America, because few years back Rhona sold it to Lowes and further in 2011 it got demolished; but still, people who wish to organize their event in Huntington, miss this party venue a lot.

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