Monday, 13 May 2013

Huntington townhouse-One of the biggest catering venues of America!

Rhona Silver bought Huntington Townhouse in 1997 for $7.6 million. It was the most eye pleasing biggest palatial hall of America, which became one stop destination for people to organize their events like anniversary, birthday party, wedding and corporate event.

This castle was spread over 18 acres of land that comprised of 150,000 square feet property. Huntington Townhouse had amazing ambience that was encompassed of beautiful chandeliers, magnificent interiors and beautiful artwork. Aside this it had roman pillars at the fa├žade, lush green lawns, five ballrooms, nine kitchens and open bars.

Although this iconic beauty has been demolished now but it is still there in people’s heart. And from the time it has diminished there has been no other catering hall in United States of America like Huntington Townhouse. People from all walks of life still wish for its reopening but something’s are uncertain.

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