Thursday, 16 May 2013

An iconic catering hall the city of New York once had

Huntington Townhouse used to be one of the biggest and the grandest catering facilities situated in the city of New York, United States of America. The fact that it spanned an enormous and never ending land of 150000 square feet on 18 acres of land made it the biggest catering hall, the city of New York ever witnessed.

The hall had a special significance for being the prime choice for galas and celebrations by even the biggest celebrities that included Governors, heads of States, Presidents and some other big names across the world.

The hall was owned by the American entrepreneur and caterer, Ms. Rhona Silver in the year 1996 for a worth of $7.6 million. That was the period when Huntington Townhouse came into significant prominence. Post that, the hall was constantly in news for hoisting some of the most hi-profile events. However, as all the good things come to an end, this masterpiece was put to an end in the year 2011 when it was demolished.

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