Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Huntington Townhouse-Biggest jewel in Rhona’s crown of success!

Huntington Townhouse was the biggest catering hall, which people of in and around America had ever seen. It was traversed over 18 acres of land that was incorporated with beautiful façade with lush green lawns & roman pillars, beautiful chandeliers, magnificent artwork, three ballrooms and nine kitchens.

This impeccable beauty of United States became the talk of the town, within no time. Reason behind such popularity was due to Huntington’s beauty, and the way Rhona used to put great efforts in organizing the events, in order to make it different from her past client’s event. Guests use to see varieties of food in the party ranging from continental, Italian, Chinese and other types.
This palatial hall witnessed many famous personalities that included Governors, presidents, head of states and other big names across the world.

Though Huntington Townhouse has been demolished now but it is still fondly remembered by people as one of the most beautiful catering hall.

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