Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rhona Silver's Huntington townhouse is still fondly remembered as an outstanding party venue

Ms. Rhona Silver's Huntington Townhouse is a one of the greatest party venues of all times. In the yesteryears it was considered as one of the most high profile party locations. It was a huge place, of about 18000sqft and had a beautiful ambiance and d├ęcor theme. Ms. Silver defined the way people looked at catering services in the past and it became popular among people of all classes.

The most high profile and influential people of the vicinity as well as the commoners, all celebrated their special times at this exuberant place. Ms. Rhona Silver's able team not only served delicious food to them, but also created a beautiful experience for them with the help of the various styles and techniques that this food was served. Even years after it has been closed down, the Huntington Townhouse is still remembered as one of the most prosperous party places in the vicinity

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