Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rhona Silver’s Huntington Townhouse- Dreamed Castle of Catering Queen Rhona Silver!

Queen of the catering, Rhona Silver's dream came true when in 1996, she acquired a property of 150,000 square feet spanned over 18 acres of land at the cost of $7.6 million. Later she opened a palatial building, which she gave the name, The Huntington Townhouse.

Although, one of the biggest catering halls in America, now has become a pile of rubbles, but, in times, it had remained the dream destination of many high-profile names in America.

The list of people who celebrated their memorable event in this palatial includes Hillary Clinton, Steve Levy, Beach Boys & Ashanti, Frank Petrone, Presidents, Head States, Governors, Sports Stars and more.

The catering house was built with the capacity to incorporate more than 3000 guests at a time, something that is hard to manage even for renowned party places of their times in the country.

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