Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rhona silver Hungtinton Townhouse-Unforgettable Catering Hall!

Hungtinton Townhouse bought in the year of 1996 by Rhona Silver became the best catering hall in America. It was a huge property spread over 150000 sq.ft surrounded by luscious greenery with towering gates at the front.

There were five ballrooms with beautiful interiors, splended furniture which made the place extraordinary from the rest of the party spots in the country. And not to forget the 9 kitchens, where delicious food were prepared for the guests.

Huntington Townhouse was such a spacious party hall, which could incorporate more than 3000 people at a time. Moreover, the hospitality which was provided by Huntinton Townhouse was really appreciable.

It was a very popular place which witnessed by many prominent figures that included celebrities, Head of states, and Political people.Moreover every couple dreamt of organizing their special occassion in this towering mansion.

Although Huntington Townhouse has been demolished now, but its still in people heart today!

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