Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse a place that hosted the biggest celebrations in the country!

Huntington Townhouse is considered to be the largest jewel in the field of catering in America. Rhona Silver, the lady that took American catering business to newer heights, bought the townhouse in the year 1996. When Rhona took over her family operated catering business, that her father used to run in a small town, nobody ever thought that she would one day buy the biggest catering halls in the country. Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse soon became recognized as the best spot for celebrations in New York.

The place spanned across 150,000 square feet and emerged as the dream destination for the top names in America. The list of people who celebrated memorable events of their life in the hall is really impressive. It included politicians (Hillary Clinton, Steve Levy), Hollywood celebrities like (Beach Boys & Ashanti), sports stars as well as the biggest names in the corporate world (Frank Petrone).

The mansion was spread in more than 17.5 yards and incorporated magnificence in every aspect. From the lush green lawns that surrounded the entire building to the entrance to the hall everything reflected class. The lavishness of the whole structure left people stunned. All in all there were 9 kitchens in the town hall, all of which were equipped with the latest gear at that time. Not to forget the eminent staff that Rhona provided as a part of the catering service made the events unforgettable.

Huntington Townhouse could incorporate more than 3000 guests at a time, something that is difficult to manage even for the best party spots in the country, at present times. There were five ballrooms that had the best interiors, every aspect of which reflected sheer brilliance. Whether it was the shimmering chandelier that hung from the roof enlightening the ballrooms or the splendid furniture that added excellence to the aesthetic beauty of the place, everything made the place appear heavenly.

However, as they say all good things come to an end, after booking its place in the history books as the Biggest Catering Hall in the history of catering business (in the United States of America), HT's sovereignty also ended in 2007, when it was sold to the owners of Lowe retail store. And in the year 2011, the place was demolished to make way for their latest retail store.

Although the townhouse does not exist anymore, but the memories that this place has left behind can are never going to fade amongst people.

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