Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rhona Silver’s Huntington Townhouse-Beauty that attracted everyone!

Be it rich, famous, or commoners, all class of people where allured by the beauty and hospitality of Huntington Townhouse. It was a magnificent palatial hall which was traversed on 18 acres of land and comprised of beautiful lush green lawns, towering roman pillars and huge gates on the outer locations.
The interiors of this hall were truly commendable as it had beautiful chandeliers, magnificent artwork and attractive interiors that awe-stuck guest. It even comprised of five ballrooms that could accomplish three thousand guests at a time, nine kitchens that were equipped with latest Kitchen equipment which were used in for preparing delicious food stuffs for guests.
As said, good things do not last for long likewise this iconic beauty also came to an end when Rhona Silver decided it to sell. This news was heartbreaking for people and they truly wished, if it could just be a rumor.

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