Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse One of the best catering halls of America!

Rhona Silver in 1996, bought a property of 150,000 square feet that was spanned over 18 acres of land and cost her $7.6 million. She gave this place a name, Huntington Townhouse which became the hottest spot of people to celebrate their occasions.

Although, this hall has become history because Rhona Silver sold it to Lowes, but, in times, it was one of the dream destinations of people. Especially, brides and groom wished, if they could organize their wedding in Huntington. Many high profile names in America celebrated their memorable event in this palatial. To name a few includes Beach Boys & Ashanti, Hillary Clinton, Steve Levy, Frank Petrone, Presidents, Head States, Governors, Sports Stars and more.

Besides catering the guests with delicious food, another best part of this hall was that it would incorporate more than 3000 guests at a single time, something that was hard to manage by other halls.

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