Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Rhona Silver's Huntington Townhouse- Luxurious Palatial for Catering & Unique Hospitality!

Huntington Townhouse was an empire of the catering queen Ms. Rhona Silver. In 1996, Rhona spent around $7.6 million and set her sights on Huntington Townhouse which was spanned over an expansion of 150,000 square ft over 18 acres of estate.

The largest catering hall of America, Huntington Townhouse, was synonymous with perfect hosting and outstanding catering that offers nothing but the best.

This castle looking royal structure has witnessed several celebrations, parties, wedding and corporate events. It was the perfect destination for the famous, rich as well as for the common people. The list of guests of this luxurious hall includes Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Billy Joel, Beach Boys & Ahsanti and more.

The Golden days of Rhona's catering castle ended when she decided to sell it off after 10 years of its inception and sold it for around $35 million to Lowes, the home improvement retailer.

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