Monday, 18 February 2013

Huntington Townhouse- A Dream That Can’t Be Elapsed

Some places because of their uniqueness always remain in memories of people. One such epitome that was popular because of their perfectly decorated interiors, colossal halls, scenic views, unique artwork, and widely spanned green lawns, is none other than Huntington townhouse.

Hunting Townhouse was the largest and luxurious catering hall, of their times, in the USA. This palatial was witnessed many glamorous and legendry events and make it so memorable that this catering castle still cherish the memories of its admirers.

The property of 150,000 sq. ft, spread over the land of 18 acres had rich and distinguished clientele including Hillary Rodham Clinton, Billy Joel, Ariel Sharon, Donald Trump, Presidents, Head of States, Governors, and others.

Although, catering Master Rhona Silver’s Huntington Townhouse has been demolished now, but its name has been engraved with the golden words in the unforgettable history of catering.

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