Friday, 14 September 2012

Rhona Silver’s HT- Something That Redefined The Extent Of Catering!

Catering, as a career, was not as popular as it is today. It was more a sub-part of event management, and less an individual field. But the catering diva, Rhona Silver gradually changed this ideology.

Although there is a lot that she did, but one of her most crucial achievements is, Huntington Townhouse (HT). It was an enormous event venue, spread in as much as 150, 000 sq feet.

It was gigantic, well planned, and magnificently built!

With Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse , the field of catering got a whole new meaning, and it emerged as a complete business in itself. It showed the world, how lavishly and enormously could events be organized. Soon after its establishment, it became the undoubted choice of everyone, and everyone wanted to share their happiness with others, at this venue.

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