Wednesday, 5 September 2012

‘Catering Decides The Quality Of An Event’: Rhona Silver

Rhona might not have said this literally, but this is exactly what she has proved to the world, in past few years. This catering diva stepped in the field of catering after attending Hofstra University School of Law (from the year 1978 to 1980). She started with the small-scale catering business being run by her parents.

Right from the beginning, she had a different style of working. Even the way she handled the catering services at any event were way too different, from how everyone else did it. Her unique style was soon noticed and admired by everyone.

Because of her exclusive working style, her business was growing bigger, and bigger each year. She started getting work from different parts of the country, and soon she became a renowned name in the world of event management. But probably, she wanted even more, which could be the only reason that she come up with something as big as Huntington Townhouse , an enormous partying venue (spread in over 150, 000 sq feet), which soon became the talk of town.

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