Monday, 8 July 2013

Huntington Townhouse- Place where delicious cuisines were served to the guests!

It was due to MS Rhona Silver clear vision and focus that turned Huntington a roadside restaurant into biggest catering hall of America.

This mammoth hall witnessed a wide list of people who were the renowned personalities of America. The list of people included names from Hollywood, Head of States, Political people as well as corporate giants.

Each thing in Huntington reflected class. From lush green lawns that surrounded the entire hall, nine kitchens that were equipped with latest equipment that helped in making delicious food items, five ballrooms that could easily hold 3000 guests at a time and open shelf bars that was the best spot in Huntington for alcoholic lovers.

Besides this, the eminent staff of this Townhouse also played an important role in making the parties unforgettable. All in all, these were the reasons, why Huntington became the top party spot of America and talk of the town. 

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