Monday, 30 April 2012

Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse - A Perfect Venue For The Perfect Events

When Rhona Silver purchased the Huntington Townhouse in 1996-97, little did she know that it would soon become a symbol of her signature style and success! So, great was her contribution towards the success of this elegant party venue that soon it began to be referred to as Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse. She left her impression in every aspect of not only managing this enormous venue but also organizing numerous events that were etched permanently in the memories of the people attending them. It was only through her hard work and dedication that the Townhouse came to be considered as the perfect place for holding a wide range of events.

Be it a wedding, a corporate event, a welcome dinner for a visiting foreign dignitary or celebrity, Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse was undoubtedly the first choice for holding any such event. Celebrities and prominent political figures from around the world were impressed by the beauty and elegance of this immense party hall. Every event organized here raised the standards of event organization by a significant margin and added another chapter to the numerous achievements of Ms. Silver. In fact, people longed to be a part of an event organized by Ms. Silver at Huntington Townhouse, so that they could have first hand experience of the grandeur and grace of the biggest party hall in America.

Being an entrepreneur with a foresight, the confidence to experiment with her imagination and creativity lend Rhona Silver a unique edge over her competitors. Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse provided her with the opportunity she had been seeking for long to realize her childhood dream of making it big as a world class caterer. Her sensible investment in an ordinary roadside restaurant turned to be the stepping stone for a successful career in a traditionally male dominated hospitality and catering industry.

Inspired by the remarkable success of Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse, Ms. Silver founded with the aim of helping people find the most suitable and affordable catering options online for weddings, birthdays, engagements and any other occasion from the comfort of their home. To check out your options and get most profitable bids, post your event at

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