Thursday, 1 September 2011

Once upon a Time at Rhona Silver’s Huntington Townhouse

Let us start by knowing who Rhona Silver is; the most successful woman entrepreneur in the business of catering, who has inherited the skills from her parents since she was 10 years old. Her sparkling persona speaks about her life’s achievements in the past, the ones happening at present and those to be achieving in the future.

Rhona is a confident woman; her commitment, dedication and her fighting spirit towards the business is no less than that of a patriot serving her country.

Through all the vicissitudes in her early life, Rhona revitalized her inner strength and sketched a reverie to make something big in her life. That was in the year 1997, when she stepped-out from a small business spread in a few cities to cater the whole nation Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse, the largest catering facility in the United States of America, was like a paradise of celebrations.

The spectacular 150,000 sq. ft. property on 18 acres of land was bought by Ms. Silver in $7.6 million. The place witnessed hundreds of celebrations, parties, wedding receptions, corporate events and occasional ceremonies from common people to famous States Dignitaries and Celebrities. It had five ballrooms that would be combined to provide seating arrangements for more than three thousand people. The property had nine kitchens with the latest food-processing appliances and equipment. The scenic view, interiors, huge chandeliers, artwork, decorations, party arrangements and all other services that come under catering were provided brilliantly by Rhona Silver and her catering team at Huntington Townhouse.

In the course of time, Ms. Silver’s catering business at Huntington Townhouse gained popularity and established its reputation as the most innovative and dependable catering company in Manhattan.

She rendered fresh, stylish and exclusive services when handling any event from planning to presentation at client’s places, far-away destinations, elite hotels and also famous restaurants. Her creativity quotient in the business was outstanding, as she knew how to impress clients and guests artistically. She even involved herself with the clients to help them in selecting the wedding dress, choosing invitations and in other essential activities too.

Rhona Silver Huntington Townhouse is now a part of beautiful memories for many, as she sold the property a few years ago. At present, Rhona Silver is the Co-Founder of & has been listed on Crain's Top 40 Women.

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